Bragging rights are on the line. Where does your school rank?

Have you ever wondered how your alma mater stands up against other schools in terms of fantasy output? I personally have not, as Northwood University and the University of Detroit Mercy are apparently not producing NFL caliber talent at an alarming pace. But for all the students and alums of our nation’s great football schools, here’s a look at five years of fantasy output sorted by school, conference and state.

I’m surprised by this because it’s been a long time since Miami stopped being the powerhouse it once was. Then again, a big chunk of Miami’s fantasy output in the last five years comes from Andre Johnson, Jimmy Graham, Frank Gore, Greg Olsen and Reggie Wayne.

If you look at the last five years, Miami’s output is certainly trending down. Being that Miami isn’t churning out NFL talent like they used to and that the players above are aging (or already out of the league), it’s a lock that Miami will fall in these rankings over the next few years.¬†And if California at number two feels surprising to you, I’ll ask you to remember that the likes of Aaron Rodgers and Marshawn Lynch went to Cal.

The SEC continues to pump out NFL talent like it’s nobody’s business. The ACC isn’t far behind and I don’t see either of these conferences going anywhere for a while. But you already knew these things.

Kudos to you Florida, California and Texas. Better luck next time, New Mexico. Maybe the next five years will be more kind. Or maybe not.


Mike Bergsman is a contributor and the lead data analyst at The Read Option.

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