Under the best of circumstances it would have been hard to be excited about the fantasy prospects of the New York Jets this year. We are not operating under the best of circumstances.

With the news that the Jets are planning to trade or release Eric Decker, the Jets have clearly committed to tanking not only their actual season but also your fantasy season, assuming you’re stupid enough to draft someone from gangrene Gang Green. Brandon Marshall, the other half of the Jets’ briefly dominant wideout pair, is suiting up for the crosstown rival Giants now, which means that the best receiver left on the roster is – let me make sure I’ve got this right – Quincy Enunwa? Jesus swing dancing Christ.

“Don’t drag me into this mess, I’m a Giants fan.”

The offensive line – once a strength of the team – has been decimated by age and ineffectiveness. A unit that once pummeled its opponents is now bereft of all the players that once made it so intimidating. Having released Nick Mangold earlier this year, the dominant core that once included long-time left tackle D’Brickashaw Ferguson and interior mauler Matt Slauson is well in the rearview. Even worse, the team seems content to head into the season with the three-headed monster of Josh McCown, Christian Hackenberg and Bryce Petty at quarterback. With quarterbacks like that, the best case scenario for the Jets passing game is that, due to a clerical error, all their games are cancelled.

That said, it’s not like this year is a big drop off for Jets quarterback play. Outside of Ryan Fitzpatrick1 having an out of body experience in 2015, the Jets haven’t had a relevant fantasy quarterback since, like…well, never. Joe Namath, the only quarterback in Jets history worth mentioning,2 played when fantasy was still pretty much limited to whatever the hell a rumpus room was. And yeah, I see you Chad Pennington truthers out there and no, I’m not having it.

“But Matt Forte’s pretty good,” you say, citing that time he had 1,800 all purpose yards and 10 touchdowns, ignoring the fact that that was three years and at least two knee injuries ago. And that he did it on a completely different team. Dude is 31 without a single quarterback or wide receiver that can reliably threaten the deep ball. Teams are going to stack the box against the Jets and force Forte to run through a brick wall. It’s not gonna happen. It’s over, guys.

“No way! Forte’s got this.”

Sure, from time to time a worthwhile fantasy player will emerge from a nightmare offensive situation – I’m looking at you, 2015 Todd Gurley and 2016 Terrelle Pryor – but for the most part, terrible offenses put up terrible fantasy numbers. The Jets, not content to be merely terrible, have gutted their lineup. Unless they make a move in what little time is left of this off-season, their offense won’t just be weak and wounded, it’ll be dead on arrival. Unless you’re a masochistic Jets fan,3 don’t draft any of these clowns.

  1. Did you know he went to Harvard? He went to Harvard.
  2. Although, in classic Jets fashion, if you’re going to mention Broadway Joe, you’re going to mention that time he drunkenly pawed at Suzy Kolber on national TV. J-E-T-S! Jets! Jets! Jets!
  3. But really, is there any other kind?

Brennan Quenneville is an editor and contributor at The Read Option. He can also be found at his blog and at Type In Stereo, where he is a contributor.