Nick Foles – Philadelphia Eagles
4 GP | 71.4 Comp. % | 98 YDS | 0 TDs

Alex Schillinger : Last week, the NFL – and millions of fantasy rosters – lost one of football’s most promising and talented young QBs. I’m talking, of course, about Tom Savage. Wait, what? Carson Wentz is out for the season? A torn ACL? Fuck. There goes my championship.

Or does it? Once upon a 2013, Nick Foles was a lot like Wentz: promising, talented and young. Four years into his journeyman future, can he serve as a stopgap for the remainder of the season?

Mike Bergsman: God no. Nick Foles is absolutely terrible. Remember how he looked on the Rams? Fuck that guy.

Alex: Yeah…but 2013! You’re the numbers guy, but let me throw some at you. In 13 games, Foles went 8-2,1 completed 64% of his passes, averaged 222 yards per game, and threw for 27 TDs. That’s pretty fucking good.

Mike: Yeah, yeah. He also threw only two interceptions and made it to the Pro Bowl. Then again he threw 25% of his season-long touchdown total in one game against the Raiders. Oh, and he completed a touchdown pass on a totally unsustainable 8.5% of his passes. So yeah, if you take those things out, he did have a fantastic season.

Does one season make a good QB? Let’s look at what Foles did during the following season. He threw 13 touchdowns and 10 interceptions for the Eagles and watched his staggering 9.1 yards per pass attempt from 2013 fall to 7.0 in 2014. Then he spent three years bouncing around a bunch of teams that didn’t think he was any good. 2013 sure looks like an anomaly. The rest of his career signifies Foles is a mediocre QB.

Alex: Yeah but…nah, you’re right. Okay, so if not Foles, then who? Wentz leaves a big whole in a lot of lineups. Who’s available and who’s going to make the biggest impact?

Mike: Joe Flacco? No, let me try again. Jay Cutler? Hmmm, no not him, either. This week, among guys who are available, I’d roster Jimmy Garappolo. He’s completing 66.7% of his passes and averaging around 300 yards per game in his first two starts. Just from a pure eye test he’s actually made the 49ers offense looks pretty good. Plus, this week San Francisco is matched up against a Titans defense that ranks 2nd against the pass.

Alex: Handsome Jimmy G., huh? I like it. He’s on a team that likes to pass the ball and has at least one good receiver in the lightning fast Marquise Goodwin. Plus, have ever found yourself lost in his eyes? Because I, um…

Sorry, what was I saying?

Oh, right. Appealing as he is, Garappolo is just one of many options. Sure Flacco is inconsistent, but dude’s been on fire the past few weeks and the Ravens are fighting for a playoff spot. You also have Blake Bortles who’ll be down an RB this week as it looks like Fournette is out. Another option that might surprise you is Deshonne Kizer who’s starting to come into his own2 on a terrible, terrible, awful, real shitty Browns team. Regardless, if you find yourself with an open QB slot because of Wentz’s torn ACL, McCown’s injured hand or Tom Savage’s concussion,3 then don’t fret, you’ve got some options.4


  1. He only started 10 of those 13 games.
  2. At least from a fantasy perspective.
  3. To be clear, we’re joking here. If you had Tom Savage as your starting QB, you’ve got bigger issues than his injury.
  4. Although if you had Tom Savage on your roster, you clearly don’t care about options. You’ve given up already.

Alex Schillinger is an editor and contributor at The Read Option.