To Everyone Who Didn’t Make The Playoffs,

Dude, that sucks. I feel your pain. You just spent the past three months analyzing every skill position in football and now that the playoffs – the most exciting time of the year! – have arrived, you’re on the outside looking in. Try not to think about the number of hours you spent researching which New Orleans Saint RB to draft1 and debating whether or not you should pick up Robby Anderson.2 Even worse, it’s not like the people who made it into the playoffs at your expense even deserve their success, right? They totally lucked their way in by drafting players like Carson Wentz, Adam Thielen and Todd Gurley II.3 Who could have seen that coming?

Well, maybe the people that drafted them did and now they’re in the playoffs because of it.

So before you go ’round looking for reasons why you got robbed this season, take a step back and really evaluate your team. Sure, that Week 7 loss to the league’s top scorer hurt, especially when you scored the second most points that week.4 But you didn’t have to play your league’s highest scoring team every single week, so you really have nothing to bitch about.5

You might find yourself thinking, “But Alex, my top running back got hurt in the first week of the season, and I never recovered.” You’re right, this season was just awful for waiver pickups at the RB slot. There is no worse position to lose out on as top tier RBs are leaps and bounds better than second tier ones. But that’s no excuse.6 There are eight other slots on your roster that can pick up the slack for a downed player and you should have managed your roster more effectively. I know that sounds harsh but it’s the truth.

Getting bounced from the playoffs before the playoffs even start just plain sucks. We understand all too well the pain of a wasted season.7 But let this serve as a lesson learned the hard way and do better next year. Probably by reading more of The Read Option. It can’t hurt.

A Guy Who Definitely Failed to Make the Playoffs,


  1. Turns out the answer was “anyone but Adrian Peterson.”
  2. You really should’ve listened to me and picked him up.
  3. But not, coincidentally, Andrew Luck.
  4. God, I hate when that happens.
  5. Wait, you did have to play the league’s highest scoring team every week? Holy shit, dude. Bitch away.
  6. Well, by definition, it is an excuse, but not one that I’m accepting here.
  7. Editor’s note: Schilly appears to be using the “royal we” here because the rest of the writers at The Read Option are amazing at fantasy football and would never fail to make their fantasy playoffs.

Alex Schillinger is an editor and contributor at The Read Option.

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