You know how you prep all summer for your auction draft and go in knowing exactly who you’re going to draft and how much you’re going to spend on them? Of course you do. And you know how, once the draft actually begins, you get exactly none of those guys at anything close to those prices? Of course you do.

Since their fantasy drafts won’t ever unfold as perfectly as they’d want, we let our writing team indulge their draft fantasies and put together the exact teams that they’d want.1

Team Schilly

QB – Matthew Stafford, DET – $2
RB – Le’Veon Bell, PIT – $57
RB – Demarco Murray, TEN – $38
WR – Julio Jones, ATL – $52
WR – Emmanuel Sanders, DEN – $18
TE – Tyler Eifert, CIN – $3
Flex – Kelvin Benjamin, CAR – $8
K – Dan Bailey, DAL – $1
D/ST – Chiefs – $1
Bench – Brandon Marshall, WR, NYG – $7
Bench – Devonte Parker, WR, MIA – $2
Bench – Corey Coleman, WR, CLE – $2
Bench – Ameer Abdullah, RB, DET – $4
Bench – Martellus Bennett, TE, GB – $2
Bench – Matt Bryant, K, ATL – $1

Total Team Cost: $198

Starting at the top, you have the youngest quarterback ever to throw for 100 TDs, who also happens to be the League’s reigning and undisputed champion of the bi-annual Haley Joel Osment look-alike contest: Matt Stafford. Plus, at only $2, Stafford leaves me with enough money to build my team around more consequential players like, you know, running backs. Namely, Le’Veon Bell and Demarco Murray. To those of you who think I’ve overloaded on RBs in an era where running backs are less trustworthy than a six day old Chipotle Burrito, I say to you, “Shut it, I still got Julio Jones and Emmanuel Sanders.” Maybe I’m shaky at TE with Eifert and Bennett, both of whom have talent but struggle with the whole consistency thing, and yeah, my bench is a little light with an aging Marshall and an all-of-a-sudden injury prone Abdullah, but I think what really saves me here are my two kickers…what a genius move.

Team Rob

QB -Aaron Rodgers , GB – $20
RB – DeMarco Murray, TEN – $38
RB – Christian McCaffrey, CAR – $21
WR – Antonio Brown, PIT – $56
WR – Mike Evans, TB – $50
TE – Martellus Bennett, GB – $2
Flex – Ameer Abdullah, DET – $4
K – Matt Prater, DET – $1
D/ST – Jaguars – $1
Bench – Thomas Rawls, RB, SEA – $1
Bench – Zay Jones, WR, BUF – $1
Bench – Taylor Gabriel, WR, ATL – $1
Bench – Robby Anderson, WR, NYJ – $1
Bench – Hunter Henry, TE, LAC – $2
Bench – Jameis Winston, QB, TB – $1

Total Team Cost: $200

Most teams in your league will seek a low priced QB but splurging for someone like Rodgers can make such a difference. Last season he averaged a full 2 points per game more than the next highest quarterback in standard leagues. Murray and McCaffrey are two mid-tier running backs that can get you ample stats in both standard and PPR leagues. That McCaffrey is a rookie will raise some red flags, but Carolina has committed to getting him the football this preseason. Brown could easily go for $60 or even $70 in your league but since he’s the fantasy equivalent of something created in a Skynet lab, I’m taking him here. He’s a machine. Evans should continue to climb into the top tier of wideouts and Bennett will haul in his fair share of red zone touchdowns from the aforementioned Rodgers. Abdullah is my wild card, simply because he has shown flashes and the Lions have retooled their offensive line. On the bench, Rawls is making the case for being the #1 guy in Seattle, while Zay Jones should burst on the scene with Sammy Watkins being dealt to the Rams. After a tumultuous off-season and a major injury to Quincy Enunwa, the Jets receiving corp will be lead by Robby Anderson. I think taking a #1 WR from a lower level offense definitely has value and can add depth. This team is top heavy, but when I’m building a team I like to gamble and I like to spend. If you adhere to the same auction draft philosophy, invest in researching sleepers who can be bought for that $1 bargain at the end of your draft.

Team Mike

QB – Kirk Cousins, WAS – $2
RB – Le’Veon Bell, PIT – $57
RB – Melvin Gordon, LAC – $41
WR – Jordy Nelson, GB – $47
WR – Michael Crabtree, OAK – $21
TE – Jimmy Graham, SEA – $3
Flex – Theo Riddick, DET – $8
K – Justin Tucker, BAL – $1
D/ST – Broncos – $1
Bench – Stefon Diggs, MIN – $9
Bench – Corey Davis, TEN – $3
Bench – Jamaal Charles, DEN – $1
Bench – Kevin White, CHI – $1
Bench – Eric Ebron, DET – $1
Bench – Jeremy Hill, CIN – $1

Total Team Cost: $197

Le’Veon Bell will probably be on everyone’s perfect team and that’s no different here. Two top tier RBs in tandem with PPR maven Theo Riddick will lead to tons of points derived from receptions. Couple that with the trustworthy Michael Crabtree and Aaron Rodgers’ favorite target, Jordy Nelson, and you’ve got a pretty high flying fantasy team. At QB, Kirk Cousins should maintain his high level play with several dynamic weapons at his disposal in Washington while Jimmy Graham and Eric Ebron provide stability and consistency at the TE position. This bench is full of question marks but you’ve got to think one of Jamaal Charles, Jeremy Hill or Kevin White will be better this year than last. Finally, Stefon Diggs and Corey Davis may not be dominant talents but both could be heavily utilized options on their respective teams. This team is loaded with last year’s best PPGAR players and has some boom/bust options on the bench for bye weeks and injury issues that may arise.

Team Brennan

QB – Cam Newton, CAR – $2
RB – Le’Veon Bell, PIT – $57
RB – David Johnson, ARI – $56
WR – Odell Beckam Jr., NYG – $50
WR – Stefon Diggs, MIN – $9
TE – Martellus Bennett, GB – $2
Flex – Kelvin Benjamin, CAR – $8
K – Matt Bryant, ATL – $1
D/ST – Texans – $1
Bench – Tevin Coleman, RB, ATL – $4
Bench – Cameron Meredith, WR, CHI – $3
Bench – Derrick Henry, RB, TEN – $2
Bench – Sterling Shepard, WR, NYG – $2
Bench – Kirk Cousins, QB, WAS – $2
Bench – Charles Sims, RB, TB – $1

Total Team Cost: $200

This team may be lacking in depth, but my God would it be fun to root for every Sunday. You’ve got the league’s top two running backs, both of which should threaten to break the 1,000 yard mark on the ground and through the air – the latter being a huge bonus in PPR leagues. Plus you get a dual-threat, former MVP at QB and a WR who might be the single most exciting player in the entire league. Farther down the lineup players like Diggs and Meredith have value because, well, someone has to catch the ball on those offensively challenged teams, right? Meanwhile Coleman, Henry and Shepard all offer young-player upside in addition to being quality handcuffs for bigger stars. Week in and week out, I’d like my chances with this crew.

  1. All teams are operating with a $200 budget, using ESPN’s PPR draft values. Players valued at zero dollars by ESPN were assigned a price of $1.

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