In a feature literally named after the NFL’s penchant for constant, unyielding incompetence, you might’ve guessed that today we’d be honoring1 the League itself again. And yet, even as both the Raiders and Steelers lost their games due to controversial-but-true-to-the-rulebook verdicts from their referees, there’s only one place truly deserving of our incompetent gaze. I’m looking at you, Seattle.

And what I’m seeing is an unholy abomination.

The Seahawks have a well-established reputation as a dominant team, their hype built on the foundation of two recent Super Bowl appearances – including one victory – and a multiyear run as one of the greatest defenses of all-time. Injuries to their defense and ineffectiveness along the offensive line have somewhat dampened Seattle’s reputation for excellence this year but they remain a formidable foe, especially at home where they’ve had one of the only legitimate home-field advantages in the sport over the last few years. Even as 2017 seemed to be turning into a down year for the franchise, Russell Wilson vaulted himself into the MVP discussion with a series of masterful performances including an impressive defeat of fellow MVP-candidate Carson Wentz’s up-and-coming Eagles squad in Week 13.

Then the Seahawks played the Los Angeles Rams on Sunday and were so thoroughly obliterated that the only thing separating them from being the league’s worst team was the absence of orange and brown jerseys.

The Browns are so bad that this guy would be a legitimate upgrade at QB.

With his offensive line unable to protect him in any capacity, Wilson spent the day running for his life and making terrible plays all the way. At one point he tried to avoid being throttled by Aaron Donald (again) by throwing away the football, only to throw it backwards – that’s called a fumble, kids – resulting in a loss of 23 yards. Later in the game, Wilson stood in his own endzone and tried to unleash a deep bomb only to find that no receiver had similarly grandiose ambitions. With no Seahawk in the area of the pass, the play was ruled intentional grounding and, as Wilson was standing in the endzone when he threw it, the result was a safety. It’s worth noting that when these plays took place the Seahawks were trailing by 27 and 33 points, respectively. They got absolutely ethered in this game.

As bad as the beating that Wilson took was, the low point of the day had to be allowing a 57-yard touchdown run to Todd Gurley. Giving up a run that long is painful enough, but in this case it came on a 3rd and 20 which is…I mean…who gives up a 57-yard run on 3rd and 20?! It’s like the Seahawks weren’t even trying to stop him.

Because your whole team getting pancaked by a division rival isn’t bad enough, after the game, things got a little testy in the Seattle locker room:

While the league has a lot of rule problems that need fixing, after Sunday, the Seahawks look like they have a lot of everything that needs fixing. And that’s enough to earn them the top spot from This Week in NFL Incompetence. Congrats?

  1. Well maybe not honoring, exactly.

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