Everyone in the NFL lost their damn minds this week. The game-time action was beyond bizarre and included a lot of weird shit. I mean, look at this nonsense:

  • An offensive lineman recovered a fumble and then, as he pretended he was a running back, juked his way into another (helicopter) fumble.
  • Blair Walsh damn near kicked his way off of the Seattle roster with three straight missed field goals in a game his team lost by three.
  • The Giants and Cowboys allowed insanely long touchdowns when literally the only thing they had to defend against was an insanely long play.
  • Julio Jones – one of the best receivers of his era – dropped a wide open touchdown in a one-score loss.
  • T.Y. Hilton played dead to score an 80-yard touchdown. Seriously.
  • Adrian Peterson, left for dead three weeks ago, somehow carried the ball a career high 37 times.
  • After eight weeks of magic with Deshaun Watson, we were reminded that “quarterback whisperer” Bill O’Brien actually started Tom Savage – Tom fucking Savage – ahead of Watson to start the season.

Somehow all of that still wasn’t enough insanity for the NFL this week since all this crazy ultraviolence happened after the whistle:

Even with all that going down, you know who takes the cake for incompetence this week? Leonard Fournette. The sledgehammer rookie runner was benched for the week because he, among other things, missed a goddamn team photo shoot. (For the record: I get it. No one ever looks their best on picture day. But still.) That infraction may seem minor given all the other crazy shenanigans that happened on Sunday but you know what those other things all had in common? They happened in a football game. And because Fournette couldn’t be bothered to force a smile and stand in the back row, he had to stand on the sidelines. Which is a real shame because, given his talent and the bizarre week we just had, Fournette might have legitimately launched a would-be tackler to the moon.

Tell me you wouldn’t watch that GIF a million times.


Brennan Quenneville is an editor and contributor at The Read Option. He can also be found at his blog and at Type In Stereo, where he is a contributor.